When your bra fits properly it feels comfortable. You naturally stand straighter, your silhouette looks smooth and uplifted, and your clothes fit and sit better.

Here’s the science

80% of your support should come from the bra band, with only 10% from the shoulder straps and the other 10% from the cups 

Follow these steps for the perfect fit:

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Fitting tips:

  • Lean forward when you’re putting your bra on and ease your breasts in before you fasten and stand up.


  • Always pop your top on over a bra that fits, so you know how it’ll really looks.


  • Move about to check the bra will stay comfy all day – wave your arms about, jump up and down.



Not only does your bra size change regularly but you won’t be the same bra size in all brands - therefore, we recommend a professional fitting at least every six months.