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We recommend that our customers are fitted every 6 months

The shape and size of a woman's breasts change a number of times in her life. This is mainly due to fluctuations in weight, sport, pregnancy, contraception, medication and diet. That is why at Rigby & Peller we recommend that our customers are fitted every 6 months.

Fortunately, the huge variety in bra styles means that there is a bra to suit any breast shape or occasion, giving you the perfect silhouette under any outfit.

It has been established that about 80% of the customers who walk through our doors for the first time are wearing the wrong size bra. The biggest mistake women make is wearing a bra too small in the cup and big in the back. When a woman's bust gets bigger she thinks she's getting wider in the back. She's not. It's her cup size that's increasing.

We find over and over again that having been fitted in the right size; our customers can't believe the difference and leave feeling like a new woman!

You should feel comfortable in your bra all day everyday. This will increase your confidence because you know that you are wearing a bra which not only fits perfectly, but also beautifully enhances your shape and figure.

Questions & Answers

How can I find out what size bra I should be wearing?

All the fitters here at Rigby & Peller are trained to fit bras along with all other aspects of underwear and swimwear. Our fitters never use a tape measure to determine your size as a tape measure cannot take into consideration body shape. Instead our fitters are trained to assess each individual customer by using their superior product knowledge and fitting expertise which is only gained by unique Rigby & Peller training and experience.

How long does a fitting at Rigby & Peller take?

A fitting can take as long as you would like, from 10 minutes or until you the customer feels entirely satisfied with your purchase. The bra fitting is complimentary and each customer has her own personal fitter to take her through all we have to offer, whether it is functional daywear or more extravagant bras for the evening.

Your personal fitter is always on hand to offer advice on the type of bra most suitable for your needs.

Can I bring back a bra which I have purchased which does not fit me correctly?

We are happy to exchange any unworn bra you have purchased which you find does not fit you correctly. Please see our returns page for further clarification.

Bra Fitting Troubleshooting

While we do stress that it is best to come in and be professionally fitted by our trained fitters we have listed a few scenarios and guidelines which you should follow when buying or trying on a bra. We do not by any means suggest that you use these guidelines as an alternative to a fitting; they are simply guidelines which you may find helpful.

You find that your bra is loose around the edges.
Try a smaller cup size

You find that your breasts are spilling out of the front of the bra and your silhouette is bumpy.
Try a bra with a smaller back and a larger cup size.

You find that your bra band is riding up your back.
Try a smaller back size.

Remember that Rigby & Peller and other brands start at 28 back size so hopefully you will be able to find one that fits you perfectly.

You find your straps are leaving indent marks.
Try a smaller back size so that the band of the bra is supporting you.

You find that the under wire is digging under your armpit.
Try a bra with a bigger cup size.

You find that your breasts are falling out the bottom of the underwire.
Try a bra which is smaller in the back and larger in the cup.

You find that your size fluctuates.
This is a common problem for most women. We recommend that you buy a bra with some stretch in it; this will mean that it is more comfortable. If you find that you have large fluctuations in size, it can be helpful to have a larger bra for these times.