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Mastectomy Advice

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Rigby & Peller expertly fits your new underwear

Many doctors will recommend that you come to Rigby & Peller after surgery to be expertly fitted for your new underwear. Our Lingerie Stylists have been professionally and specifically trained to fit our mastectomy customers.

Rigby & Peller stock a range of prostheses in selected stores suitable for post-mastectomy, we also offer a range of underwired bras and soft bras with a triangle to fit the cup. It is vital to us that you feel comfortable and confident in your new bra, our Lingerie Stylists will work with you to find the best fit that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Your bra should provide a snug fit to ensure that your prosthesis remains in place. We always recommend having more than one bra if possible so that they can be worn in rotation, which will help to prolong the life of your bras.

It is not necessary to buy a bra with pockets, as long as the bra fits well and is high enough at the front to hold the prosthesis in place. However, we do stock a small selection of pocketed bras , and if you would prefer to have pockets added to a bra, we do provide an alterations service for an additional charge.

Mastectomy Bra Fitting Advice

We would recommend making an appointment for a consultation with one of our Lingerie Stylists in order to discuss your requirements if this is your first post-surgery fitting. We seek to make your experience as comfortable as possible for you.

If you have prosthesis on one side, when fitting a new bra make sure that you fit your breast first and adjust the bra as required, then add your prosthesis.

If you have had a double mastectomy, fit the bra to your frame and then add both your prostheses and adjust the bra as required.

Make sure that you move around in your new bra. Lift your arms above your head and make sure it does not ride up and is still giving you the desired effect while keeping your prosthesis in place.

Wear and tear and washing will relax the fit of a bra so we always recommend that you fasten it on the loosest hooks, the band should still be very snug. You should also adjust your straps so that they sit comfortably on your shoulders while still being secure.

To make an appointment at a selected store to discuss your needs please call 0845 076 5545 or visit Our Stores to find out further info on locations.


We stock a range of swimwear that is cut high enough to hold a swim prosthesis (softee) in place, and we have a silicon swim prosthesis available. Our alterations department can also add pockets to suitable swimwear if necessary to ensure a more secure fit. We recommend wearing a lighter weight prosthesis specifically for swimwear as this will avoid damage to your silicon prosthesis.

Other Post-Surgery Needs

Our Lingerie Stylists are also able to cater for all other post-surgery needs, and are trained to assist with lumpectomy and reconstructive surgery. We also offer a Made to Measure service out of our Knightsbridge boutique if you would like something bespoke, please contact 0207 225 4760 for further information.